BEYONDA - A Journey Into The Darkness

Film by Bissy Bunder
Music by Jan & Sis Matthé
72 min

"We're gonna have animals, crazy characters, runovers, killings on the road, fucking caves from the 40s, Byron, Zion, I don't know what, marriage cakes, Boyden, cave full of fluorescent lights, minerals, things popping up, carrot eating, kissing, woman perfect - it's gonna be wild!"

"A lot of people ask me what is going on in my head and I say: Baby, you just couldn't handle it."

Steven S.


M HKA cinema, Antwerp, (BE); Croxhapox , Ghent; scheld’apen, Antwerp (BE), PAE#3 festival Rotterdam (NL); Brakke Grond, Amsterdam(NL); FrankFurt (DE); Berlin (DE), Shikaneder, Vienna (AUS), DIALEKT kunstverein, Cracker 01, Stuttgart (DE); Hamburg (DE)